About me

I am a London-based artist and illustrator specialising in drawings of city panoramas, bird’s-eye and perspective views. My work celebrates the complexities and patterns of built-up urban areas, and each one contains some sort of twist on the realities of urban life. I’m inspired by historic maps and portrayals of dystopian cities in art, film and literature. I studied art history at the University of Birmingham.

How I produce my drawings

My drawings are usually based on aerial photographs and online imagery. For each drawing I will accurately transfer and enlarge the general layout of the city using a grid. I will then work from upper left to bottom right, penciling in sections then filling them in using a Pilot drawing pen (usually a 0.1 nib width). I can get through as many as 10 pens for a single drawing.

The time taken for each drawing varies hugely - the smaller sketches take a handful of hours but the larger and more detailed cityscapes can take as long as 5 months or 600 hours.

For each drawing I have produced a limited edition of 50 giclée prints on 300 gsm Somerset photo paper. The prints are individually signed and numbered.